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Our Mission

To provide the best housing option for anyone who wants to live and work flexibly.

Why Nest

With home ownership costs doubling in the last decade, more and more people are choosing to rent than to become homeowners. And as fewer jobs require workers to work in an office, more people are able to work remotely. Our goal is to provide the best housing option for anyone who prefers to live and work flexibly, without the burden of a long-term lease or of furniture that has to move when you do.

Nest makes it easy for you to live and work flexibly, without buying and maintaining a home or its furnishings, and without a long-term lease that anchors you to an address for longer than you wish to be there. Each Nest is professionally designed, fully-furnished, and ready-made so that you have more time to enjoy where you are and are free of the hassles and expenses traditionally associated with moving from one place to another.

Meahwhile, companies can use Nest to save money on employee and contractor travel accommodations while providing a dedicated workspace for enhanced productivity and amenities that promote wellness.

And multifamily housing developers and owners can accelerate lease-ups and increase rental income with Nest without lifting a finger. We continuously seek properties we can design, furnish and fill with vetted professionals for one month and longer stays.  

Nest was founded and is led by former executives of the world’s first multi-billion dollar short-term rental business, triggering the development of new segments of furnished rental properties. Residential rental housing is an age-old market segment ripe for change. Our mission it to revolutionize rental housing so that people can live and work more flexibly wherever they wish to be.

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