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Our Mission

To make owning vacation rental properties enriching and easy for any investor.

Why Nest

The best vacation rentals deliver exceptional returns but are expensive to own and complicated to manage. Few investors have been able to invest in this real estate category that includes more than 7 million properties, until now.  Our goal is to reduce the many barriers to owning vacation rental properties, and in the process, pioneer a simpler way to profit and build wealth through investment in a high-yielding class of real estate assets. 

With Nest, you can invest as little as $25,000 in vacation rentals and earn between 16-22% annually. With Nest, you earn fully passive income without any of the liabilities or operational responsibilities of traditional property ownership. And with Nest, you gain access to the very best vacation rental investments and an expert team of industry veterans.

Nest is managed and backed by former executives of the world’s first multi-billion dollar vacation rental business, triggering the development of what has become an altogether new real estate category that has produced income for millions of vacation rental owners. While vacation rentals offer exceptional returns, they require expertise in knowing which properties to buy, how to market them, how to set rental rates, increase bookings and how to manage properties, as well as staying on top of local market trends and regulations. And even if a property manager is hired, neither their expertise nor fees support returns equal to what Nest can deliver.

Invest. And let Nest do the rest.

Work with Nest

We’re a remote-first, mission-driven team on the lookout for people with diverse perspectives and expertise in real estate, finance, technology, investor relations, and property management to join our team.
Tell us about you: your expertise, experience and passions, and why Nest is for you. We look forward to hearing from you.
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